April 18th, 2017 – What are Infographics and How Will They Help My Business?


What are infographics?

Are you using infographics in your marketing campaigns yet? If you’re not familiar with infographics, they are one of the best ways to communicate information to potential customers. They are a visual representation of data or other information. People do not want to spend time looking at a big spreadsheet of data. In fact – it turns them away. With infographics you can capture your audience’s attention, making normally boring facts seem interesting. Would you rather have your prospects look past information that’s relevant to them, or get hooked by it and possibly share or like it on social media? With infographics, you can grab the attention of your audience more than plain text would. This leads to more clients and ultimately more money to invest into your business (or pockets). Check out the following websites for some examples of what we are talking about: http://dailyinfographic.com/ http://www.coolinfographics.com/ http://infographicsite.com/ http://infographiclist.com/http://www.infographicsarchive.com/ http://www.infographicsshowcase.com/  

Well, how do I make my own infographics?

You could simply hire somebody to take care of all of this and other marketing work for you, or you can try it yourself. Even restaurants with a limited budget can benefit from the infographic creating resources shown below. All of them are either free or at a very low cost. Canva – There is no charge to use Canva and it might be the best software out there for creating Infographics in our opinion. And it’s also great for designing every type of social media post, as it does the sizing for you. Wordle – Like playing with words? You’ll love this; create word visualizations using the text you enter. Lost of designs to choose from. Tableau – Windows only software for creating visualizations. Another good one to practice with. Inkscape – Vector graphic software is simple and intuitive. Creately – 100’s of features for diagramming, one click styling and even team collaboration. StatPlanet – Create fully customizable, feature rich interactive maps & graphs and publish them online. The award-winning StatPlanet is a free download. Hohli – Is an easy to use online chart maker. Just pick your chart type, add your data, play with the colors and sizes and you’ll be surprised at how good your chart looks. Wordle – Like playing with words? You’ll love this; create word visualizations using the text you enter. Lost of designs to choose from. Gapminder – Current data on major world issues with impressive visualizations – good one to practice on since the data is already there. Tagxed – Word clouds with “styles” Helpful Tutorials on Creating Infographics: Anatomy of an Infographic – 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual How to Create Amazing Infographics by Canva
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