HUGE Marketing Opportunity This Summer!

Summer is on the way, and this is a huge opportunity for restaurants, hotels, and many other businesses. The restaurant and hotel industries thrive in the summer and warm months. This can be due to the large increase in tourism during the summer, as well as the warm weather that encourages people to get out and do something. Due to this, hotels and restaurants work hand and hand – one of the same reasons why large hotels rent space for restaurants inside their buildings.  

Another opportunity exclusive for summer is students and staff members of schools. This accounts for over 20% of the population, nearly all of which will be looking for places to go out to during the summer.

This summer can bring you massive results if you make the most of this opportunity. The well-known phrase “work smarter no harder” is key here. You can fill up your whole day with minutia and marketing techniques that do not work, as we, unfortunately, see so often, or, you can work smarter. A simple example of working “smarter not harder” in marketing would be to target only the people not working, on vacation, or just out of school during the summer, Rather than spending your money targeting everybody including people too busy at work to eat at your restaurant or stay at your hotel.  

Here at SocialShip marketing that is exactly what we do. It is just the type of thinking and strategizing that will bring you results. No matter what type of business you have we will bring you the results you want.  

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