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Did you know it only takes as little as $1,000 to double your sales? Sounds unbelievable, and you’re not the only one who thinks so. Antonio was a client who came to us needing help. He had a stable business, but he wasn’t making as much as he knew he could. He desperately needed more customers in order to maintain a profit. Antonio was frustrated. He knew the items sold at his store were great, but the potential customers in his community did not catch on. Believe it or not, Antonio was not alone. This problem is all too common in the modern day; great businesses and restaurants are not getting the amount of customers they deserve. This is due to the fact that marketing is not the same as we once knew it to be. The direction of marketing is currently facing a massive turnaround. Our nation now revolves around a digital marketplace, which is consistently changing. Antonio was busy working long hours to keep his business going, didn’t have time to study marketing, and was spending his money without any return on his investments. Upon our marketing evaluation of the restaurant, Antonio unsurprisingly did not have a professional digital marketing plan. He wasn’t taking advantage of the incredibly effective digital-age marketing techniques we have available to us today. We developed a professional marketing plan for Antonio’s restaurant and explained to him how it worked. Upon a mutual agreement, we accepted Antonio as a client of ours and commenced his restaurant’s turnaround period. Once implemented, our plan was able to bring scores of new customers to his store, and we ended up DOUBLING Antonio’s sales the following month, while he got to enjoy his profits. Let it speak for itself that he left the restaurant each following night with a great smile and his chin an inch higher. Antonio is still a great client of ours and is seeing higher sales each month. Here at SocialShip Marketing, we are a team of brothers with a passion for helping backed with bonds of combined experience in our marketing network. We have been personally trained and certified by the best digital marketing experts in the world including; Tai Lopez, Joe Soto, Nathan Chan, Mike Arce, Chris Record, Jaiden Gross, Alex Mehr, and Dan Fleyshman. We are proud to say we are extremely knowledgeable of current day technology and marketing tools. We want to pass on our knowledge and expertise to help your business just like we did for Antonio. When working with us your business will gain the ten years worth of experience, and marketing research valuing over twenty million dollars that our mentors have passed down to us. Below is a simple form below that you can fill out, and we will quickly get back to you with an offer a meetup and complete a free evaluation of your businesses digital marketing plan. We appreciate your time. Sincerely, Brandon Saletta Kyle Saletta SocialShip Marketing  
  If you’re looking for inbound marketing services and a marketing partner who focuses on results and performance, contact us. Give us an hour and we can change your business. Fill out this form to see if you qualify to get a complimentary marketing evaluation as well as a professional marketing plan and strategy.

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